Industry 4.0

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The term Industry 4.0 refers to the process that provides an automated industrial production with interconnected intelligent machines and connected to Internet. Thanks to new digital technologies, Auteco aims to overlook this reality through:

  • Efficiency of plant lines and their maintenance;
  • Data management for traceability;
  • Paperless in the process steps;
  • Safety of production processes;
  • Safety managment.

Dedicated softwares provides:

  1. Processing of digital data and Big Data analisys;
  2. More efficient man-machine interaction through touch interfaces, which improves the productivity and process safety;
  3. Enhanced connectivity: supply chain is shortened optimizing time to market and response capacity of production systems.

About 4.0 Industry plan, italian Ministry for Economic Development provides:

  • Fiscal incentives: extension super-amortization with a rate of 140% purchasing capital goods, introducted hyper-amortization at 250% for hi-tech goods interconnected with management system production;
  • Funds dedicated to industrialization of high-tech ideas and patents (EIB funds);
  • R&D tax credit of 50% costs incurred for incremental investments.