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Management: WFI loop, loop PWS, treatment, dosing of powders and liquids, mixing, CIP, packaging lines, palletizing, purification (suppositories, tablets, pills).

Technical support and development of the necessary documentation to the validation of the process of validation plans and protocols (DQ, IQ, OQ).

Quality Plan / Functional Specifications / Project Specification Hardware / Software Project Specification / Factory Acceptance Test / Site Acceptance Test / Installation Qualification / Operational Qualification.

Supply control systems for new plants and for the revamping of existing installations:




Access Management user with security policies conform to “21 CFR: PART 11” – Food and Drug Administration.

The documentation for validation:

Quality Plan

Functional Specification

Hardware Design Specification

Software Project Specification

Factory Acceptance Test

Site Acceptance Test

Installation Qualification

Operational Qualification

Bakery-Baked goods

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Management of: dosing of powders and liquids, mixing, packaging lines, ovens, palletizing (ready meals).

Automation, raw materials receipt, storage, mixing and production mixes, automatic management firm, managing packaging and packaging.

Application of new technologies to existing plants, production planning, progress control production, production reports, traceability.

Automatic detection of: temperature, velocity, humidity, time of permanence product.

Applicable to food ovens, furnaces for hardening, oil baths, drying ovens.

Automatic management of the lot for product traceability, speed control and temperature according to the recipe, adjusting flow air cooling, the use of PLC and PC.

Product traceability: lot number of the product management, combined with batch temperature graphs of the various zones of the furnaces.


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Management: process, receipt of raw materials, dosage, treatment, filling, mixing, packaging lines, palletizing (feed, grains, flours, meals).

Automation new plants, revamping of existing plants, apply new technologies.

Control systems for weighing systems, finished products, storage, transfer, extraction, milling, shipping, application of new technologies to existing plants, production planning, progress control production, production reports, traceability.


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Receipt, storage, mixtures room management, aseptic room, pasteurization / processing, packaging lines, product traceability (water, beer, soft drinks, wine).

Dosage additives in automatic, preparation additives, additives dosages in line, control system tanks preparation.

Through the supervisor can be managed by the PC preparation of additives easily monitoring the temperature, the concentration and the quantity available.

Control assays in line, production reports, traceability of the product, recipe management.


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Management of dosing of powders and liquids, mixing, pasteurization, check, packaging lines, palletizing, purification, automated warehouses (ice cream, frozen).

Water Treatment

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Application software for the control, treatment and water purification:
reservoirs and sources with the use of stations GPRS, GSM, cable.

  • Display real-time variables as graphs, curves and histograms;
  • Constant monitoring of water quality;
  • Remote reading levels, flow rates, pressures;
  • Control motors and pumps;
  • Adjustment levels;
  • Consumption control and statistical reports;
  • Data also available on Internet.

Cogeneration – Energy

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Management systems for electric and thermal energy production with the use of gas and biogas from industrial plants, biological fermentation, fermentation sludge and water treatment plants. Automation: Control storage for production and gas processing, servo control groups of electricity production, management circuits for thermal energy recovery, energy distribution management.
Automatic detection of: process variables, consumption, energy produced.

Software Plc

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Our PLC software are oriented to the control of industrial machines and plants of various kinds, both on large that on the little automation.

Our goal is to provide reliable software, safe and understandable. The development of all programs and customizations to the following is done in full compliance with ISO9001 and IEC. We can boast extensive experience with families and PLC models available on the market and our research allows us to be more in line with the demands of the market. Our achievements are used in a variety of fields including:

  • Production systems, management processes and dosages;
  • Handling systems;
  • Automated warehouses;
  • Special machines.

RFID: radio frequency identification system.

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Simply installing a RFID reader at the entrance of cell aging and placing tags on carts/racks or on the carrying bars, you can record and identify all products that require seasoning and their entry into the cell.

Is it possible to install RFID readers under the rollers in order to identify a product and record the passage, enabling you to carry out a safe and precise work product traceability through the analysis of the information sent by the antennas and readers.


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The mechanical part of a plant or of a single machine is maintained over time; the control system instead, after 5-10 years is definitely obsolete. Is it possible to renew and improve the current system by the application of a new, more advanced and more efficient.

The replacement of the obsolete automation system is necessary for:

  • Availability of spare parts;
  • Difficulties in maintenance;
  • Difficulties in the implementation of changes;
  • High probability of downtime.

The advantages of a control system:

  • Application of next-generation hardware with greater potential;
  • Application of supervisory and / or operator interface complying with the most advanced technologies;
  • Integration of new features such as product traceability and interfacing with management systems;
  • Implementation of systems with advanced diagnostics that reduces downtime.