Management of: receiving, storage, pasteurization, chip, multi-purpose, double-funds, ripening, packaging, palletizing, purification (milk, butter, cream, yogurt, pudding, rennet, cheese). Automation[…]


Management: WFI loop, loop PWS, treatment, dosing of powders and liquids, mixing, CIP, packaging lines, palletizing, purification (suppositories, tablets, pills).[…]

Bakery-Baked goods

Management of: dosing of powders and liquids, mixing, packaging lines, ovens, palletizing (ready meals). Automation, raw materials receipt, storage, mixing[…]


Management: process, receipt of raw materials, dosage, treatment, filling, mixing, packaging lines, palletizing (feed, grains, flours, meals). Automation new plants,[…]


Receipt, storage, mixtures room management, aseptic room, pasteurization / processing, packaging lines, product traceability (water, beer, soft drinks, wine). Dosage[…]


Management of dosing of powders and liquids, mixing, pasteurization, check, packaging lines, palletizing, purification, automated warehouses (ice cream, frozen).

Water Treatment

Application software for the control, treatment and water purification: reservoirs and sources with the use of stations GPRS, GSM, cable.[…]

Cogeneration – Energy

Management systems for electric and thermal energy production with the use of gas and biogas from industrial plants, biological fermentation,[…]