Privacy policy

If you verses in one of the situations referred to in Law 675/96, as recently reformed by Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, the information the user needs to be made, shall be marked for the purposes for which they are collected and processed personal data, it should be stated whether or not to be disclosed to third parties, / the owner / s of the treatment and must be requested at ‘user explicit consent to the processing of the same.

(In the case of services operated by third parties)

To access the services of the site, and ‘necessary to register the same.

The services are provided, produced and managed by

The mode ‘for registration and management are those required by the technical service managers.

The e-mail, the user name and any personal data are processed by the providers of the services mentioned above for the sole purpose of allowing users to enjoy the same (and they will / will never be disclosed, disseminated or transferred to third parties).

Registration services presupposes the acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms of use and privacy policy of the same.

If you do not proceed to registration, the services may not be provided.