PROGMAN® is the software application that allows you to manage maintenance through computer media logic is “preventive” that “break” is addressed both to those responsible for the maintenance staff.

PROGMAN manages:

  •      The deadlines of maintenance;
  •      The costs of maintenance;
  •      The timing of the maintenance;
  •      Historians of maintenance;
  •      The spare parts inventory;
  •      Orders of suppliers;
  •      The annual budget of maintenance;
  •      The manuals in electronic format;
  •      All storage images, photos, drawings Cad.

PROGMAN provides:

  •      Cost of machine, department, area;
  •      Report time wear;
  •      Tables planning interventions;
  •      Service History;
  •      Minimum threshold of spare parts (quantities and costs);
  •      Personnel costs;
  •      Spare parts costs;
  •      Automatic issue orders to suppliers;
  •      Calculation willingness to budget;
  •      Archive PDF manuals (images, photos, drawings);
  •      Decision support.
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