MILKTRACK ® is a software specifically designed for product traceability in the dairy sector. Applicable to automatic with PLC and supervisors but also to manual systems, the system keeps track of all the parameters of the processing of milk: from the reception to the packaging, eliminating the use of paper-based data and automatically creating the required documentation at the legislative level.

Here’s how: Milktrack encoding automatically the contents of the storage tanks giving it a “lot number”. At this can be combined analysis data, such as fat percentage, the temperature, storage or expiration that – placed in relation with the sequence of packaging – allow to trace the product through the entire process in the plant.

The package is able to handle lots and sublots with mixing ratios (the batch comes from packaged raw materials are mixed together), thus solving one of the main problems related to traceability in the dairy sector, which combines various components that have undergone different treatments.


  • Set and read the code of the batch of the final product, store this data in a file and tie it to the work performed and raw materials;
  • Detect and store significant events and the parameters of the process that may have an impact on the quality of the product.

The aim is the realization of an encoding of the finished product that allows to go back to the raw materials and the treatments carried out and then move upward from raw material to finished product and the finished product to the raw material.

MILKTRACK can be implemented by configuring several options, such as:

  •     The management tankers and management stables with handheld;
  •     The management laboratory analysis combined with the lot;
  •     Management materials (containers, lids, paper, corks, bottles, etc. ..);
  •     The management additives;
  •     The package management premixes and specialties;
  •     Management manual machines;
  •     The management of packaging;
  •     The management of batch processes;
  •     The management laboratory.
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